Presentations AFUS LE 2019

Day 1- AFUS Research Project.pdf
Day 1- Towards a Model of Advancing Safety for Women in Inclusive Cities.pdf
Day 1.Trauma’s impact on everything else we do.pdf
Day 1-National Perspective on Safety.pdf
Day 1-Rights Education – Women’s Safety Sub Saharan Africa.pdf
Day 1-Safetipin.pdf
Day 1-Safety and Security of Women In Conflict And Post-Conflict African Countries.pdf
Day 2-Mainstreaming Womens Safety in the City of Johannesburg.pdf
Day 2-SACN-Mainstreaming womens safety through national communities of practice.pdf
Day 2-The UN Global Compact Cities Programme.pdf
Day 2-UN Safer Cities Programme.pdf
Day2- AFUS eThekwini Legacy Project  .pdf
Reflections on AFUS Learning Exchange 2019.pdf