Background on AFUS Inaugural Learning Exchange

Safety has become a key determinant of the quality of life of urban dwellers. Crime, violence and insecurity can affect all aspects of daily life: at home, in the neighbourhood, at school, at the market and in other public spaces, in transportation and in the business and commercial districts of our cities. Women, children, youth and elderly are  more vulnerable to become victims and to feel more insecure. 

It became clear that in order to foster sustainable safety in our neighbourhoods and cities, a more global approach was necessary. Safety must be a concern of all institutional and community stakeholders. To act on the causes and situation breathing crime and insecurity requires sharing expertise and resources, planning and coordinating targeted actions and engaging citizens in a concerted effort.

It is upon this background that the African Forum for Urban Safety (AFUS) which is chaired by City of Durban was established. The Chair of AFUS working with UN Habitat and supported by UCLGA and National Department of Human Settlement (South Africa) is hosting the first AFUS Learning Exchange targeting Mayors and Practitioners on Crime Prevention, Safety and Security. This Learning Exchange seeks to set the scene for actions which support the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals, African Vision 2063 and contribute to the Habitat3 process. 

The Learning Exchange aims to achieve the following:

  • Synthesis of present experiences on safer cities in the context of     human settlements and urban development;
  • Learning Lessons from “Safer Cities” pilot projects and consolidation     into a legacy City Safety Lab project for the City of Durban; and 
  • Creation of a network of cities and public and private organisations  working with safety at the local level. 

Participation in the Learning Exchange is free; however participants are responsible for their travel and accommodation cost.