City Research Agenda

The first version of the draft research agenda has been crafted, drawing inputs from a few city line departments. The vision is to inculcate a research -culture that embraces the critical role of research in planning and decision making. eThekwini tertiary partners have expressed a deep interest in considering our research needs and proposals.

City as case-study

MILE is also encouraging post-graduates to consider eThekwini Municipality as their laboratory for their study. The aim is to grow the number of eThekwini case-studies which can feed into short to medium term processes for improved municipal service delivery.

Joint Research Publications

MILE acknowledges that eThekwini has a cohort of highly specialized, seasoned and experienced officials who are making a significant impact in their respective sectors to improve the lives of others in local government. To retain institutional memory, MILE is encouraging these officials to consider putting pen to paper.

If interested in documenting and publishing, from a practitioner’s perspective, MILE will assist in facilitating the co-authoring and joint research process.