Sharing Expertise

MILE’s academic partners have risen to the challenge and are now influencing the content of our Master Classes in the areas of Water and Sanitation and Governance & Leadership. The intention is to grow this trend within the city-university partnership.

Blending theory with practice

eThekwini official’s rank amongst the most sought in local government because of the diverse practitioner experience. Our tertiary partners have taken note of these assets and are now knocking on our doors to request if these prized individuals could offer their time as guest lecturers.

Built Environment Seminar Series (BESS)

The principle of forging a closer relationship between our academic partners and city official is better demonstrated in the seminar series focusing on the built environment. BESS is modeled on having an international thought leader present a provocative paper to a mixed audience of city officials, academics and post graduate students; a set of respondents comprising of our institutional partners as panelists and a facilitator to ignite the discussions has worked well at the previous seminar. Learning Notes and Presentations from past BESS can be found by clicking here: Multimedia Library

Key Events for 2016

12 Built Environment Seminar

This seminar will take place on 26 February 2016. The Seminar Theme is: What Is Participation In Practice? Some Experiments In Methodologies. This is a closed event. More information will be posted soon.