​As part of knowledge generation and sharing, MILE is organising a Brown Bag Seminar Series.
The seminar series provide a forum for presentations and panel discussions that allow participants to explore special topics focusing on better practice and lessons learned from case studies.  The series is devoted to sharing insights, intuitions, concepts, tools, techniques, ideas, practices, new applications, skills, experiences and major research findings that could contribute to knowledge.
Presentations are not necessarily rigorously researched papers. They are largely seminal thoughts that could form the basis of an extensive research and capacity enhancement within MILE.
The ‘Brown Bag” Seminars are held at frequent intervals (i.e. monthly basis), to promote a culture of information-exchange and learning at the level of staff members within the MILE. These are also intended to generate knowledge and provide a forum for discussion of pertinent issues.
Presenters at the Seminar are drawn from staff members as well as prominent visitors to MILE.  Presentations are expected to be succinct and should contribute to learning, knowledge and information-sharing.

Key Events for 2013

Standard Operating Procedures with Mr Pierre du Randt, Capacity Planning Manager from Transnet Port Terminals, 4 September 2013.

SOP Development-Pierre du Randt.pdfSOP Development-Pierre du Randt.pdf