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The time for academic collaboration has come!
Akash Anandraj (MUT), Sarah White (MUT), Fezile Njokweni (MILE), Ewa Zawilska (MUT) and Collin Pillay (MILE) together with Anette Mienie, director of research at MUT and Derek Morgan the head of eThekwini Energy Office at a recent meeting at the MILE offices.
MILE is playing match-maker once again by encouraging Academic Institutions and the Municipality to collaborate! As part of their mandate to foster a stronger and more meaningful relationship between eThekwini and the local universities in Durban, MILE’s most recent intervention was the initiation of a meeting held at the MILE offices to discuss alternative energy sources. MILE is pursuing a possible partnership between the eThekwini Energy Office and the Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT) to discuss further research pertaining to alternative energy sources, and how a possible collaboration between the two institutes can better the state of energy saving in KwaZulu-Natal and eventually the country.

Head of eThekwini Energy Office, Derek Morgan, was enthusiastic about the collaboration. He said, “eThekwini Municipality, through the Energy Office has a vision to become the green economy hub for the SADC region. In order to achieve this vision, the Energy Office intends to promote research and development, manufacturing and market uptake of sustainable energy products and services. The meeting held by MILE has helped the Energy Office to identify innovative research being conducted in the city through the MUT.”

MUT has produced extensive research in the field of solar radiation as well as biofuel production using algae. The director of research at MUT Anette Mienie was really excited with the productiveness of the meeting. She said, “I believe the success of the meeting was also a result of the close relationship between MILE and the Research Directorate at MUT. During the many formal and informal meetings we were able to understand each other and from this we were able to not only identify the areas where we could collaborate but also it allowed us to bring the right people together. I hope this is the beginning of a long productive collaboration.”

Through this meeting MILE has paved the way for MUT and eThekwini Energy Office to arrange exchange visits to their facilities in order to gain a better understanding of the current state of research in the respective fields.

In the next month, MILE hopes to clinch the signing of a first ever Accord between all universities in Durban and the eThekwini Municipality to ensure greater academic- practitioner collaboration. So watch this space for more details…

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