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South meets West: MILE hosts Ghanaian delegation
The eThekwini Municipality and SALGA had the privilege of hosting a very senior delegation from Ghana. The Municipal Institute of Learning (MILE) facilitated a session on strategic planning with the delegation. Energetic presenters Mr Bongumusa Zondo and Mr Puvendra Akkiah, senior managers at eThekwini Municipality kept the delegates engaging with their informative presentations.

The primary objective of the exchange was to develop a deeper understanding of city development strategies. According to Akkiah the session soon changed into one of information sharing and active participation around good governance strategies.

“The Ghanaian delegation was impressed with the city's sustainable development strategies and the presenters and delegation have agreed on an exchange of information that will assist in developing the strategies further,” said Akkiah.

According to Mr Zondo, the session helped him gain immense knowledge of how other cities deal with development issues. “The questions asked during the session have helped me to look at how we can improve long term development planning within the Municipality.  The session with the Ghanaian Delegation was an active and interesting way of sharing experiences,” said Zondo.


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