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MILE launches its first Community of Practice
Fezile Njokweni learning and sharing-
with the Planning COP.

Members of the Planning Department at eThekwini Municipality were invigorated recently after MILE launched its first Community of Practice (COP) – in this instance to encourage planners to learn and share their experiences pertaining to planning.

Communities of Practice (voluntary groupings of practitioners who share a common interest) are an essential activity to enhance Knowledge Management within the municipal context. This is the first of a series of COPs that MILE is piloting, as part of its overall objective to position Durban as a learning city.

During the session, Fezile Njokweni, Policy Analyst and Knowledge Manager, screened an inspirational documentary aimed at sharing ideas to provoke environment friendly and cost effective changes in cities. It focused on innovations in transportation, recycling and social benefits, including affordable housing, parks and the processes that transformed Curitiba a city in Brazil.

A planner at eThekwini, Regina Kistan, saw the benefits of the session and was intrigued by the innovative ideas Curitiba implemented.

“I was impressed with the public transportation system in Curitiba. It would be good practice for South Africa, if the dynamics were the same. The emphasis given to cleaning the city of waste products and recycling can be achieved in South Africa if there are incentives for all households,” said Kistan.

MILE hopes that the establishment of COPs will create a foundation for promoting a knowledge sharing culture. A Community of Practice has also kicked off under the leadership of Mpho Mthembu at the Expanded Public Works Programme office. Several others are set to be established across the municipality soon.

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