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Durban to host UCLG international planning conference in June
Chamanculo Informal Settlement in
Maputo to be upgraded soon.
When eThekwini's Head of planning Ms Moonsammy and MILE's senior manager Sogen Moodley met with the UCLG Urban Strategic Planning Commission World Secretariat, Ms Sara Hoeflich in Maputo, the detailed programme for a three day inter-national learning exchange on urban planning was finalised recently.The learning exchange and committee meeting will be held in Durban, during 13 - 15 June 2011. This will be a historic event that has never been held on African soil before.

Ms Hoeflich who travelled from Barcelona for a UCLG meeting in Mozambique was thrilled to have finalised the agenda with the officials from eThekwini - the city that holds the Vice Presidency for the Urban Strategic Planning Commission of the UCLG. The themes that were finalised included: vision and leadership, the role of planning in promoting economic development, and the challenges of implementing strategic planning.

Mayors and planning officials from Kenya, Nigeria, Mozambique, Tanzania, India, Brazil, Canada, Europe and Australia will be attending the learning event. South African cities will have an opportunity to identify cities that they could offer mentorship and support to, and, in addition, benefit from possible offers to be mentored.

During the Maputo visit, Durban officials made contact with the Head of Maputo's planning unit, who arranged for a quick visit to Chamanculo, an informal settlement due for upgrading. He was invited to attend Durban's peer exchange on Improving the Quality of Life and Sustainability in Informal and Unplanned Settlements being held during February.

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