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Rubbishing old ideas...
Delegates observe the packaging and -
transporting of the recyclable cardboard
The final day of the peer exchange took delegates into the depths of the DSW wasteland in Marianhill, where they concluded day three of their peer exchange, focusing on how to manage waste in informal settlments. They were impressed by DSW’s state of the art landfill facility and toured the Nazareth Community Waste Management Programme after morning presentations. 

Returning to the City Centre, delegates were hosted at the Drake and Scull Priority Zone venue. They were enthused by the Inner City Cardboard Recycling Project implemented by Asiye eTafuleni and during the tour of the precinct; participants saw first-hand the process involved in collecting the cardboard, cleaning and packaging it.

Richard Dobson challenged officials in local government, urging them to work more closely in partnership with local NGOs and to think about how municipal actions can influence poor people. After the tour, Gideon Mandara from Dar es Salaam shared his experiences with their community managed solid waste collection project.

Dakar was up next with their perspectives on waste management and the importance of community participation. “The compost concept was introduced in Dakar and we found that participation of the public is fundamental in every aspect of the project,” said Nde`ye Fatou Diop Gue`ye. 

Admittedly, the last day was pretty packed, with activities allowing little time for engaging debate, however, delegates left with a sense of fulfilment.

It is hoped that all participants were sufficiently stimulated to put into practice at least one learning that was gleaned from the exchange.

Watch this space for the LEARNING NOTE product that will be prepared and uploaded next week.

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