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Ekurhuleni Delegation visits MILE

The City of Ekurhuleni has embarked on an initiative to create a learning academy and recently visited the MILE offices to explore, share and exchange information.

Rodney Mohoto, a Skills Development Manager and Sipho Mahlare a Director of Education, Training and Development, both officials from the City of Ekurhuleni, shared their thoughts pertaining to skills development best practices.

The exchange was attended by officials from eThekwini’s Skills Development Unit and the Management Services Department.  According to Mahlare, MILE was seen as an interesting example as eThekwini Municipality was identified by KPMG as a potential partner.

“As local government we must not try and reinvent ourselves...  if eThekwini has the knowledge, we have to tap into it. We want to engage and exchange knowledge because we have been tasked to establish a training academy for over 17000 employees at Ekurhuleni,” said Mohoto.

Sogen Moodley, Senior Manager described how MILE was established and what is entailed in starting an institute of learning and advised Ekurhuleni to start small and build it incrementally.  

Ekurhuleni and MILE are committed to maintaining contact for future learning exchanges.

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