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Sao Paulo in Durban!
eThekwini Municipality’s Housing and Development Planning and Environmental Management Departments recently hosted two delegates from the City of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

The three day event focused on planning scoping for a potential mentorship programme between the two municipalities on housing delivery and development planning for informal housing.

The main goal of the proposed mentorship programme is for Durban to learn from Sao Paulo’s experiences of servicing and upgrading informal settlements / favelas and the planning, building, community participation, and financing methodologies and tools applied.

Violêta Saldanha Kubrusly a Senior Technical Adviser for the Sao Paulo Housing Secretariat highlighted the importance of sharing ideas. She said, “We are here to exchange our ideas of the work we do in Sao Paulo, to share general information about planning, urban design, technical ideas and architecture”

Violêta emphasised that the South African scale is different in comparison to Sao Paulo.”She said, “We have 11 million inhabitants in Sao Paulo where as Durban has only 3 million. We are here to find the process followed by other countries in Africa and cities in Brazil in terms of informal settlements.”

The Delegates have developed a road map outlining how the mentorship will unfold. What is unique about this MILE Municipal Technical Support is that, whereas MILE has been a mentor to selected Namibian, Zimbabwean and Malawian municipalities, this time is opens itself up to learning from another municipality.

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