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Knowledge Sharing in Mexico
When Jane McRae the CEO of Vancouver based Sustainable Cities International Network (SCIN) attended the MILE-UCLG Durban Learning Exchange in June, she found the eThekwini Municipality’s MILE model a very useful and innovative one that could be easily replicated. So, when Colima one of the SCIN network cities in Mexico hosted their national conference with all planning associations to share ideas on how best to create, document, share ideas and store knowledge, she readily agreed to sponsor MILE to share their experiences with Mexican cities.

During breakfast with Mayor Jose Sanchez (Colima’s Municipal President) Colima’s Head of Planning, Ms Gisela Mendez and Ms Jane McRae, the Mayor Sanchez outlined his vision for Colima- A City with the highest standard of living in Mexico. Connecting people through ICT was his priority and already many of Colima’s public parks were wireless he explained. It was perhaps this notion to effectively connect people that had resonance with the MILE model.

During the first session in the workshop, the Mayor signed off an agreement to work co-operatively with all the planning agencies in Mexico, with the SCIN and MILE as the co-signatories.

The value of the SCIN and its models operating was then explained and the notion of peer learning introduced. This set the stage for an exploration of the eThekwini’s MILE model. Using photos, video clips and distributing examples of the good practice publications, the concept of knowledge management was imparked.

During a lively discussion (with simultaneous translation) the Mexican Planning Association recognised the inherent value of a model like MILE and urged planners to start thinking about how institutional memory, in this respective Municipalities could be preserved.

Participants were encouraged to visit the MILE website and utilise their online resources.

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