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“The implication of Climate Change for Managing the Built Environment”
Dr Debra Roberts, Deputy Head of-
the Environmental Planning and-
Climate Protection Department.
Following the success of the Inaugural Built Environment Seminar, The Municipal Institute of Learning has embarked on a series of related seminars titled the Built Environment Seminar Series (BESS). The second Built Environment Seminar was recently held at the Durban’s Botanical Gardens Conference Centre.

The Durban University of Technology took the lead in hosting the seminar with the support of Mangosuthu University of Technology, The University of KwaZulu-Natal and MILE. With the 17th Conference of the Parties (COP 17) taking place in Durban later this year, the theme chosen for the seminar was “The implication of Climate Change for the Built Environment”.

Thought leader, Dr Debra Roberts, Deputy Head of the Environmental Planning and Climate Protection Department within eThekwini explored unfamiliar concepts such as tipping points, adaptation and mitigation. The presentation revealed that we currently are exceeding ‘safe’ levels of fossil fuel emissions.

According to Dr Roberts this poses a serious challenge for continents like Africa which are susceptible to the impacts of climate change because of high levels of poverty, underdevelopment and environmental damage.
A panel of representatives from each of the academic institutions and eThekwini gave their opinion on the presentation during the plenary session.

The ideas, recommendations and the panel’s response from the session were conceptualised and it was agreed the officials, students and academics will take the suggestions on how to help combat climate change to their respective departments.

It was heartening to hear young students from the university make the point that every individual is responsible in the fight against climate change and that it is up to us to become champions in each of our neighbourhoods.

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