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DUT well equipped for World Video Conference.
The World Bank Institute in conjunction with the South African Local Government Association (SALGA) hosted and co- chaired an inspiring Dialogue Video Conference under the theme, “How Cities Lean,” recently at the Durban University of Technology (DUT).

The Municipal Institute of Learning (MILE) academic partner DUT responded to the City’s request to host the Durban connection to the video conference.

The purpose of the session was to explore the practical knowledge in terms of managing cities and how that knowledge can be used to improve service delivery and economic and social environments within the cities in South Africa.

International speakers were invited to present at the video conference. Dr Jeroen Klink, Dean of ABC University in Sao Paulo, Brazil emphasised the critical overview of the different socio-institutional arrangements for city learning and the limits and potentials of collective and dynamic city learning networks. Dr Janice Perlman, President of the Mega Cities Project spoke about how cities identify successful solutions to urban problems, and transfer, adapt and institutionalise relevant innovation, knowledge and experience to improve service delivery. Numerous prominent South Africans from Durban, Cape Town and the Development Bank of South Africa in Pretoria participated in the discussions and shared their experiences and challenges.

MILE champion Ms Soobs Moonsamy the Head of Developmental Planning, Environment and Management at eThekwini Municipality represented Durban as the lead respondent. Other contributors on the Durban delegation included representatives from Development Planning, MILE, Economic Development as well as DUT and MUT.

The successful outcome of this event has sparked an interest in encouraging further video conferences of this nature.  

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