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Durban’s transport system is going places
eThekwini officials gathered recently for another Brown Bag Seminar hosted by MILE.  The Head of eThekwini’s Transport Authority, Mr Thami Manyathi was invited to be the key speaker at the seminar and his take on the future of transport in eThekwini awakened practitioners to the reality of the extraordinary changes that are going to be implemented in the near future.

Mr Manyanthi left practitioners in awe as he explained the project plan for the proposed infrastructure changes in detail. The main reason for the establishment of the project is for people to be able to access essential facilities within the city and around without the hassle of unsafe transportation and numerous stops to the required routes. In addition a proper public transport system essentially means that fewer people will need to use private vehicles to work thus also contributing to the mitigation of climate change.

In his presentation Mr Manyanthi outlined budget constraints but was hopeful that as the project is unfolded funding will become available.

Officials are encouraged to join future Brown Bag Seminars in order to embed the culture of learning and sharing within eThekwini.

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