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Keith Coats the founding partner of-
Tomorrow Today
Keith Coats the founding partner of Tomorrow Today, left senior managers with lots to think about, at the first MILE Management Seminar for 2012. In essence, he made the argument that the world was changing very rapidly, and that leaders too will need to adapt to this new environment. Management mantras and MBA textbooks developed in the global north may no longer be useful for managers in the global south, who are dealing with a rapidly changing world. 

The key issue, according to Keith is to understand the generational differences that exist within individuals. Many of the young employees that enter the work force today are looking for atmospheres that have fun, freedom and flexibility whilst being able to grow as individuals professionally. Keith suggested that leaders need to influence and trust their staff whilst creating an environment that embraces and rewards achievements which will in turn motivate the employees to excel and ultimately be happy.

He suggested that there were three new skills that managers need to learn: adaptive intelligence (the ability to deal with change and uncertainty) having a balcony perspective (not having to dance on the dance floor, but watch the dancers from the balcony) and learning the art of influencing conversations.

What was interesting during the seminar was the intense discussions and debate that followed the presentation. Managers left the seminar with a sense of what they need to change in order to fit the profile of a good leader.

The MILE Learning Note for this event will be available soon.

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