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Over 80 city officials and councillors from all over the world compared notes and shared experiences on innovations in local government at the Sustainable Cities Symposium held in Vancouver last week.

Hosted by the Sustainable Cities International Network and Metro Vancouver, Sogen Moodley from eThekwini's MILE programme co-facilitated this exciting learning exchange that explored the areas of sustainable energy, water and food security.

"We used new learning techniques to facilitate maximum participation, given the diverse range of practitioners from Latin America, North America, Europe and Africa. Feedback from participants showed that the event achieved its outcome of promoting global learning," remarked Moodley.

Each day commenced with on-site learning with participants visiting different sustainable municipal installations from the Vancouver Olympic Village that harnesses the energy from its sewer to heat the village. From a community farm set up in a municipal park in Richmond to water treatment works in Surrey.

Bongumusa Zondo from the Imagine Durban programme, who like Sogen Moodley was sponsored by Sustainable Cities to participate, found the exchange invaluable.

In reflecting on the event, Zondo said, “The atmosphere in the symposium was electrifying, especially listening to all the innovative practices shared by our colleagues, I feel that the future is indeed bright!"

One of the many highlights of the event was a thought provoking address on how cities learn by chairman of the Urban Age Institute and ex-Stanford University professor Tim Campbell. Prof. Campbell was made aware of eThekwini Municipality's dedicated vehicle set up to promote municipal learning, and found the MILE model interesting.

For more information on the learning event, visit the Sustainable Cities website.

Videos and Presenations can be downloaded below:

SCI Symposium Videos and Presentations

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