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City to City Learning in Barcelona!

​The services of MILE as a facilitator was once again called on by the international development community. This time MILE was asked by the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) - the voice of cities to the United Nations- to assist in facilitating a learning exchange on how cities learn from each other. This issue of city learning, networking and innovation has come to fore recently, as its importance has been gaining increasing international recognition.

World-renowned learning expert and author Professor Tim Campbell shared his insights making the point that the most successful cities internationally are those that learn from each other and share with each other, drawing on relationships built on trust.

Over two days, member cities of the UCLG and Metropolis international networks, committee members of UCLG and UCLG staff from the World Secretariat worked hard to design a short, medium and long term plan to operationalise their vision for learning.

On day three a closed meeting of UCLG committee members applied their minds to what the global agenda should be beyond 2015 when the Millennium Development Goals are to be reviewed. In reflecting on Istanbul 1996 final declaration, it was recognised that whilst much has been achieved, still lots has to be done in strategically positioning cities on the global platform. It was agreed that the next opportunity will be at the World Habitat 3 to be held in 2016. It was noted with interest the shift from the World Habitat 2 agenda from human settlements to mass urban development. More important is the reference in article 12 of the Istanbul declaration on Human Settlements which firmly embeds the role of UCLG as the world convenor of cities, to bring its experiences to guide local action.

UCLG members related what the key issues would be to be tabled at the World Habitat 3. Representatives from each of the committees  including the Urban Strategic Planning Commission which eThekwini Municipality chairs, was asked to think about how the respective committees would contribute towards the 2016 agenda –a very important and exciting proposition indeed.

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