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Is the creative arts sector in Durban dying?
Every year aspiring performing artists leave Durban in pursuit fame and fortune in other cities. Durban a city that was once vibrant in arts and culture and many contend that it is slowly losing its grip of attracting and retaining its creative artists. 
It was this controversial issue that officials grappled with at the Durban Botanic Gardens at MILE’s tenth Management Seminar held at the end of September.

The plenary session began with short inputs from the various stakeholders in the industry. Karen Karen Van Pletsen from KUMISA who is also a performing artist shared her interest in trying to revive the sector.
 She said, “Artists migrate to other cities to pursue their careers. We need to encourage people to start talking about the arts industry.”
eThekwini Municipality’s Guy Redman spoke about the constraints in the supply chain management processes because of legislation.
 “Our city needs to look at how other businesses are attracting international artists,” stressed Redman.
The other panellist’s included Peter Rorvic , CCA UKZN, Toni Monty, Durban Film Office and Russel Shongwane from COOLLab.

Some of the key issues that emerged from the plenary and discussion session were: the lack of marketing and publicity of Durban events, scarce business drivers/ producers who can create opportunities for artists, the need for a Champion who will take charge and drive the force to implement change, among other interesting and thought provoking points.
The detailed learning note from the event can be downloaded below:

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