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Municipal Officials Introduced to the Urban LandMark Guide
Urban land governance is a pertinent sector for local government planning practitioners in South Africa. More recently, Urban LandMark together with the Municipal Institute of Learning (MILE) and eThekwini’s Development Planning & Environmental Management Unit hosted an Introduction to the Urban Landmark Guide.
Urban LandMark is an organisation that has been in the forefront of promoting pro-poor management of urban land markets and has produced a publication which aims to provide municipal officials with the insights and tools needed to help them in their responsibility of managing urban land to achieve pro-poor outcomes wherever possible. The guide has accessible material based on the urban land governance work of Urban LandMark over the past five years to provide practical ways of working differently.

Heads of Department responsible for service delivery in eThekwini Municipality engaged with Urban LandMark team at the MILE offices to discuss how the publication can be used as a vital tool in the urban planning sector.

It is apparent that many of the tools that the guidebook presents have in some way been employed by eThekwini Municipality.

The session opened up some useful debates on issues relating to the land market and roles/levels of intervention that municipal practitioners can make. These debates need to be interrogated further in the respective forums that are already in existence for instance, the Integrated Rapid Public Transport Network (IRPTN).
The session proved useful in making obvious the need for greater "cross department" debate of the challenges and mapping out of collective interventions. Many of the Chapters were not discussed in detail and participants were encouraged to delve into the manual and provide feedback to Urban LandMark.


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