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MILE shares eThekwini's story in India!
The eThekwini Municipality through its Municipal Institute of Learning  (MILE), was invited by the Government of India's National Institute of Urban Affairs to share the lessons that the City has learned over the last fifteen years on urban strategic planning and in particular the role of capacity building for enhancing planning.
The purpose of the workshop was to allow all the city planners in India to be exposed to good practice, as India now begins its second generation of City Development Plans (CDPs) and is very keen to consider what has worked internationally.
Billy Corbett from the Cities Alliance, in setting the tone for the workshop, spoke about the important role of cities in the twenty first century. Consistency of government, he argued working in partnership with citizens, was key to transforming the quality of life for people.

During the workshop it became clear that whilst the CDP is an important vehicle for revitalizing Indian cities, the need to capacitate political and technical leadership was fundamental. Changing mind sets from administrators to managers and leaders was the starting point. A key second learning during the workshop was the urgent need to remove parallel institutional structures (e.g. having Master Plans that do not necessarily talk to the CDPs.)

The story of MILE was shared with key role players including the Joint Secretary, National Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India. These international insights complemented local learning’s that will now inform the second generation of city development plans in India. For more information please visit

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