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Earth Day 2013

Today, 192 countries worldwide gather to create awareness and support for environmental protection and climate change.
Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 in the United States and was founded by US Senator Gaylord Nelson who conceptualised the idea during the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara, California.

Events supporting Earth Day are co-ordinated globally by the Earth Day Network with the aim of creating an international network dedicated to supporting grassroots Earth Day organizing.

The Municipal Institute of Learning is doing its part to combat climate change by hosting events such as the Climate Change Learning Exchange and various other seminars to contribute to the rejuvenation of nature, educating municipal officials to protect the environment, its resources and animals.

Monday's Google interactive doodle portrays an animated cycle of seasons represented with the rising and falling Sun and Moon. This is Google's 13th Earth Day doodle, with each year doodles getting more creative and elaborate. Users can play/pause the moon and sun on four different images.


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