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Mastering Diversity in the Workplace
“If we shy away from diversity then we shy away from creativity and innovation.”
This was just one of the thought provoking statements made by renowned author and expert in cultural diversity, Stanley Bongwe from the Diversity Institute.
Hosted by MILE, city leadership from across all sectors of eThekwini Municipality gathered at the Botanic Gardens Conference Centre today to hear first-hand how diversity should be approached in the work force.
Bongwe explained that embracing diversity contributes positively to the success of an organisation and if an employee is unhappy at work it may impact negatively on the organisation because of the lack of commitment from the employee.
“People are dynamic… if we get diverse people into the organisation and if we start to understand differences it will benefit the organisation greatly. If diversity is utilised it adds serious profits for any organisation. You will be contributing to eThekwini Municipality becoming a stable employer,” emphasized Bongwe.
Senior officials who attended the seminar as part of a Strategic Management Review workshop appreciated the opportunity to learn about diversity and how it can impact in an organisation like the eThekwini Municipality.

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