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All the policies and projects presented at the  Metropolis Annual Meeting , highlighted the need for project leaders to engage in partnership with the beneficiaries by listening and engaging with them and basing the communication and interaction based on people's potential.
Eugene Zapata from Mexico City presented the public participatory methodology for their neighbourhood improvement programme. Over 200 public spaces a year are being transformed using this approach. Once a project is agreed, the neighbourhood looks at the elements for achieving the project, manages it and does a performance evaluation after it is in operation.
Dr Renu Khosia described how the Centre for Urban and Regional Excellence (CURE) is committed to unthinking slum development - in formalising the formal. Specifically, this involves not using formal infrastructure thinking and instead problem-solving with a community to solve their challenges (thinking off the grid). This creative and practical approach was illustrated in a project to provide 300 households with toilets, cluster septic tanks and a processing plant.
Petra Warman outlined and illustrated how design can play a role in making public spaces in cities safer. A used space is safer and good use depends on layout that creates natural access, natural surveillance and assigned spaces that are reinforced by usage. Ms Warman concluded by observing that if we build a city that is safe for children it is safe for everyone.
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