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Centre for Urban Innovation!
The formation of a Centre for Urban Innovation (CUI) was announced on 17 July at the Metropolis Annual Meeting in Johannesburg.  The decision to institute this centre was born out of discussions between the National Planning Commission and the Gauteng Government on urbanisation challenges. The response to tackle these national urban policy challenges afresh by using a specific engine – an innovation centre - to engage with global good practice and innovation, followed.
The goals of the CUI are: the active promotion of innovating responses to urbanisation; promoting awareness and knowledge of urban innovations in South Africa and internationally; targeting international exchanges and collaborating in these exchanges to facilitate diffusion; directing support and information on initiatives to municipalities and communities; and creating an urban innovation fund (National Treasury).
The Centre will be set up over the next few months and will not be limited to inter-governmental partnerships. Higher education institutions will be included and there will be active partnership with multilateral organizations to ensure that the centre can tap into global networks (a key focus area). Existing specific partnerships globally and, in particular, BRICS will be involved and the support of the private sector will be sought. 
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