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​​Solid Waste Master Class for Tanzanian Delegation
About 30 officials from seven municipalities across Tanzania attended the fourth Master Class on Solid Waste Management. This was the second Master Class on the same subject this year and another successful partnership amongst the Inter-Governmental Relations, Durban Cleansing and Solid Waste Unit  (DSW) and MILE. 
The delegation was led by the Office of the Prime Minister in the United Republic of Tanzania and comprised a group of senior officials, engineers and technicians keen to explore the success story on eThekwini Municipality‘s model of managing Solid Waste.
The Deputy Head of DSW, Robert Abbu emphasised the role of eThekwini’s DSW. 
“Our aim is to share knowledge, impart skills and make partners. We are a team, we are all talking the same language, there is so much more, there is no end to waste management.”

The leader of the Tanzanian delegation, Assistant Director for Urban Development Department within the Prime Minister’s Office, Michael Mwalukasa shared his experience during the Master Class.
“It has been a great pleasure attending this Master Class. In Tanzania we experience problems in terms of Solid Waste Management and we have come here to learn about infrastructure and the issue of institutional strengthening which we are currently implementing. We see that this is the right place for learning since South Africa is far ahead of us when compared to other areas in Africa. We acknowledge what you are doing in waste management, our colleagues and officials have learned a lot about your operations and we hope to continue to share experiences like these. This will not be the end we might come again or invite you to come to Tanzania. This was an important visit for us, thank you for your hospitality,” said the enthused Mwalukasa.
Mwanza City Council, City Director, Hida Halifa was very impressed with the course. He said, “Thank you very much for this opportunity. We are extremely humbled and grateful to be here in Durban. We heard that Durban is doing very well in terms of waste management. We are going to implement all that we have learned from the presentations, discussion sessions and site visits."
“Let us manage the environment as best as we can. Not just for our countries but for countries across the world. Let's make a positive difference,” said Robert Abbu.
eThekwini Municipality expressed their gratitude to the delegation for recognizing the Durban Cleansing and Solid Waste as a successful and significant model to learn from.

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