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Sharing Lessons on Knowledge Management with Kerala, India
“The soul of India is in its villages”
eThekwini municipal officials were humbled listening to the experiences of the Kerala Ministerial delegation around their successes in local governance – a programme inspired by the vision of the Mahatma. Kerala State’s decision to invest in education, boasting an unbelievable literacy rate of 93.91% and their gram sabha project which puts villages at the centre of development, stole the hearts and minds of all attending the learning exchange.

The purpose of the exchange funded through the World Bank’s South-South Co-operation initiative between the Kerala State Government and South Africa, was to share the experiences of eThekwini Municipality in promoting knowledge management. The Minister for Panchayat and Social Justice and officials from various municipalities in Kerala were interested in the MILE model of creating, organising, sharing and storing knowledge.
The Minister, Dr MK Muneer expressed his interest in MILE’s knowledge management model and future learning exchanges with eThekwini Municipality.
“We are inspired by the work you are doing here. We have much to learn from you on knowledge management in the future. This is only the start.  We are partners now already without signing anything. We have to have more learning exchanges like this,” remarked the Minister.
Dr Rajan Khobragade, Secretary from the Local Self Government Department reiterated the Ministers sentiments.
“We are here to learn from our brothers and sisters about how things have been done in South Africa. We have definitely benefited by this learning exchange with South Africa more particular Durban. This was an excellent opportunity given by World Bank because we got to learn about how things are done in different parts of the world,” mentioned Dr Khobragade.

The minister invited eThekwini senior officials and councillors to visit Kerala to learn about their system of participatory planning and budgeting in the New Year as Kerala will be hosting the 2014 International Conference on Local Government.
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