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​City hosts fourth Master Class on Strategic Planning!

Once again eThekwini Municipality has partnered with the South African Planning Institute (SAPI) to host a Strategic Planning Master Class for planners from across KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape.

The first day of the Master Class spoke about Outcome Based Thinking, Long Term Planning, Strategic Planning Methods for Built Environment Professionals and the Visions that organizations need to adhere to in order to produce an effective strategy that will work well for them.

In his official address, SAPI Chairperson Mark Faku mentioned the pertinent role local government practitioners play in the planning sector.

"As planners there is a big responsibility and a huge role to play for they are advocates for change and growth... Every time a strategic planning master class is attended there is always something new to learn and gain."

The presentation on Outcome Based Thinking  focused on fragmented and  outcomes based approaches. Advocating for Outcome Based Thinking challenges participants to change the way they think in the office as it helps to produce a clear strategy that is needed to sustain a business.

Senior Manager of Imagine Durban, Bongumusa Zondo revealed the importance of Long Term Planning as decisions taken by council have a long term impact and one cannot deal with long term issues with a short term plan. For a long term plan to work proper plans, proper monitoring, vision of where the organization is going, political will, community background, budget and stakeholder participation are essential for implementing plans successfully. He emphasised the importance of vision driven strategies as compared to resource driven.

Puven Akkiah, Senior Manager IDP at eThekwini presented on the visioning process. He focused on how vision drives the organization and how that in return this could inspire employees. Everyone plays a part in achieving the vision and outcome of their municipality. The vision is critical in guiding the actions, the directions and time frames needed to benchmark the targeted goals.

“If planners do not know the vision what chance do other employees have of helping to achieve that vision. The vision should be short and straight to the point, something that fits on a bumper sticker so that the rest of the organization can remember it and work towards a unified action. It is important that an organization stick by its vision and the choices made.” said Akkiah.

Participant, Sandile Makhaye from the Umgeni Municipality found the first day to be very useful and informative. “I found the method that eThekwini uses for applying their strategic planning to be interesting and especially the innovative ways that it provides services to the people.”

To download or view the presentations from the master class click here.

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