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Its your City, it starts with you!
Clean and safe public spaces are what people from all walks of life desire. Every city has its own approach to cleaning and maintaining public spaces, ultimately it is the public who ensures whether or not these spaces stay clean. 

With this in mind...
MILE partnered with Imagine Durban to take to the streets of Cato Manor to do their bit in contributing to a clean city. This was done in support of the eThekwini Municipality's Mayors initiative to encourage cleanliness and maintenance of the entire Municipal area, the Clean my City Campaign.
MILE and Imagine Durban will also collaborate to host a Seminar and an International Learning Exchange on public spaces. The objective of the learning exchange is to contribute towards the development of a framework, policy and strategy on public spaces that is applicable to the Southern African context. This will be leading up to the UIA2014 taking place in Durban from the 3-7 August. The UIA2014 is a platform where architects, engineers, designers, technologists, planners, thinkers and writers worldwide gather, with the public, for a week of lively and challenging talks, workshops, events and happenings.
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