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City hosts fifth Master Class on Solid Waste Management
Practitioners from over 20 municipalities across South Africa were left in awe at the Solid Waste Management Master Class after being introduced to eThekwini’s innovative approaches to waste management at the City’s newly built waste transfer station.
Hosted by MILE in partnership with the Durban Cleansing and Solid Waste Unit (DSW), 30 officials were present at the 3 day Master Class which showcased the best practices within the DSW Unit. As with all MILE Master Classes that utilise a blended learning methodology, this three day session was crammed with informative presentations, expert facilitation and exciting site visits, all of which were led by DSW and MILE.

During day one,  the Master Class was focused on waste minimisation, education and recycling. This was followed by a site visit to Birches Primary School, which prides itself on teaching young scholars about the importance of sustainability and the fun that goes into recycling. Participants found the experience at the Birches Primary School added great value to the session.

The second day was spent with delegates learning first hand from experts at the Marianhill Landfill site. Participants were also given a chance to engage in debate and dialogue after every session, using this forum to openly share the lessons that they have learned.

Day 3 summed up the major points and lessons learned during Master Class. Participants were able to indicate the support they required in terms of Solid Waste Management. MILE has acknowledged these municipalities’ needs and further engagements will be planned between them and the DSW department.

Ms Noloyiso Walingo an Environmental and Health Manager from Ugu District Municipality felt the Master Class to be a great initiative of the eThekwini Municipality as it provided a platform to bring the relevant partners and municipalities together.

“This type of engagement is great for information sharing as we learnt a lot coming together. We shared our challenges and our solutions. It is very important that MILE continues to offer this opportunity forum for all of us as municipalities. The areas that need to be explored are endless, we can always use the MILE Master Classes as a cost effective way of bringing municipalities together. Well done MILE,” said the enthused Ms Walingo.

To download the presentations from the Master Class click here: Presentations 

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