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Leadership Styles for High Performing Organizations: The Value of Emotional Intelligence

“A leader is someone you choose to follow to a place you wouldn’t go by yourself, “Mpho Makwana.

eThekwini senior officials were left in awe after listening to an exhilarating presentation done by  South African expert in Leadership and Change Management, Mpho Makwana  who presented recently at the 17th Management Seminar hosted by MILE in partnership with eThekwini’s Talent Management Unit. 
Makwana’s presentation was set within the context of emotional intelligence. He suggested that emotional intelligence starts off with ones need to be conscious of their environment. To function in a high performing environment, you must be conscious of people’s feelings around you.


According to Makwana, you earn the right to be a leader by being an inspiration. People choose to follow leaders because they possess a certain expertise, magnetism and passion. He also explained the importance of cultivating people in the workplace into becoming great leaders and highlighted that people thrive if they associate with people who are different from them. 


Dumisile Nene, Deputy City Manager: Human Resources, was inspired by the presentation.

 “As leaders we will set the tone, we need positive energy within our organisation and need to focus on our strengths. We must ride the wave of possibility. It was very interesting to hear that we as leaders are open to emotions. It is also important for leaders to understand our followers, said DCM Nene.

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