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eThekwini SCMU shares best practices with Umzumbe Municipality
The team from eThekwini Municipality’s Supply Chain Management Unit  (SCMU) captivated senior officials from Umzumbe Local Municipality with their vast knowledge and expertise in SCM processes.  
The delegation consisted of senior officials from Umzumbe Municipality including the municipal manager who attended the workshop to learn more about how to implement systems in terms of SCM processes within their municipality. 
The workshop forms part of the Municipal Technical Support initiative of the Municipal Institute of Learning (MILE). In 2012, MILE assisted officials from Umzumbe Municipality with Strategic Planning.

Municipal Manager of Umzumbe, Ms Nokuthula Mgijima mentioned Umzumbe’s relationship with eThekwini Municipality and the intention to continue working together for future engagements.
“We are here to learn from the eThekwini Municipality, we are here to sharpen our swords and spheres. We may be a low capacitated municipality but we want to strive for the best, especially to have a clean audit and to follow the proper SCM processes. We hope to implement all that we have learned within our municipality.”
Bongi Blose from eThekwini’s SCMU provided a comprehensive outlook as to how SCM works within eThekwini Municipality. 
“We at eThekwini are still learning and experiencing challenges in terms of the SCM processes. The sector is continuously evolving and we are gaining insight into international best practices. In South Africa SCM stems from the constitution which protects the interests of public funds. It has to be fair, transparent and competitive. SCM incorporates a number of components demand management, acquisition management, logistics management, disposal management and performance management,” explained Blose. 
The team from eThekwini SCMU provided participants with a detailed plan on how to implement SCM within their Municipality. 
 “This is not going to be the first engagement with Umzumbe Municipality, there will be further interactions between eThekwini and Umzumbe in terms of sharing SCM knowledge,” said Blose. 
Participants left the session enriched and motivated to make a positive difference within their municipality. 
“We are grateful to have the eThekwini SCM officials present to us today, my colleagues are empowered by the presentation. The presenters were very clear and concise. Thank you eThekwini and MILE, our journey is not over, there is still a lot more that we can learn from eThekwini. We look forward to the next session.”

View or download the detailed learning note and Presentation from the event:

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