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​​Energy Efficiency Master Class for local municipalities
Making buildings more energy efficient has been identified for many years as a solution to address climate change, energy security and fossil fuel depletion. Reducing energy demand at source is not only more sustainable in the long term but in many instances may also incur very little cost.
MILE in partnership with Development Management and Environment Branch (DPEM) and the Master Builders Association (KZN) hosted a Master Class on Energy Efficiency in Development Management. In his opening remarks, the Deputy Head of Development Management at eThekwini Municipality, Mr Sbu Ndebele mentioned the importance of energy efficiency and indicated that energy is involved in anything we undertake.
“The aim of this workshop is for municipalities to learn from eThekwini’s best practices and apply this learning’s within the context of their respective municipalities. This platform will assist in the sharing of ideas and provide municipalities with the knowledge of what eThekwini is doing in terms of energy efficiency,” said Ndebele.
Participant’s gained knowledge in areas such as: Law enforcement implementation and procedures, how to improve energy efficiency in buildings, the importance of legislation and how it has an impact on the environment and the economy, among other pertinent lessons.
Officials were offered Municipal Technical Support to further enhance their knowledge in Energy Efficiency: Legalisation and Compliance.
A detailed Learning Note will be published soon.

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