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Strategic Planning Workshop for eThekwini Transport Authority

A strategic Planning Workshop was recently hosted by eThekwini Municipality for staff of the eThekwini Transport Authority’s Department of Public Transport. Facilitated by MILE, the workshop forms part of the municipal technical support programme which provides mentorship and support to eThekwini departments wanting to raise the bar.

The purpose of the workshop was to build team rapport, identify strategic challenges and the underlying causes of these challenges that face the department and devise an action plan (with monitoring mechanisms) that addresses these challenges.
At the end of the workshop all staff agreed to sign an accord which they called the “Ezokuthutha Accord” when translated into English means “Transport Accord”.   By signing the accord they  pledged to make concerted efforts to implement the four point action plan, within the agreed upon timeframes, by the agreed upon persons.
The staff where energised and enthusiastic at the end of the two day workshop.  Some of the comments from participants were:-
 “Interactive discussion, team building, introspection and honest engagement”,
 “Firstly we were all given the opportunity to express our views regarding particular topic and also given a chance to ask questions."

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