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​​City hosts Informal Trade Learning Exchange
MILE in partnership with Business Support, Markets and Tourism Unit (BSU) hosted a three-day Learning Exchange on Informal Trading on 24-26 February 2015.
Officials from Mogale City Local Municipality, Ekurhuleni Metro Municipality and Mbombela Local Municipality attended the session whereby key aspects of effectively creating and managing the informal trade sector were explored. It was met with great pleasure to see officials from eThekwini Metro Police and Legal Services as part of the session and providing delegates with valuable insights into how the Informal Trade Sector in eThekwini operates.
Officials from eThekwini‘s BSU presented informative presentations depicting eThekwini’s approach to informal trading.  Delegates were also taken to various site visits which showcased eThekwini ‘s best practices. The objective of the learning exchange was to offer municipalities an opportunity to learn and share from eThekwini Municipality’s approach to informal trading.
Mr Mothomeng Thomas Mathibela, Specialist: SMME Economic Services at
Mogale City Local Municipality was impressed with the quality of the Learning Exchange.
“The workshop highlighted the areas where we are doing well, and further pointed out areas that need improvement or restructuring. I was personally impressed by the concerted efforts from various departments in ensuring that the informal economy grows to the maximum in eThekwini. Everything was localised and very relevant to our daily lives. Indeed it was beneficial.  Thank you for the site visits to various trade centres. We did experience the light bulb moment. We commit ourselves to use the lessons learnt to move the informal economy to the next phase. The team (municipal officials) did not conduct themselves as hosts but as visitors who were there to learn as well, and that worked in our favour as we were able to draw so much lessons from them, “ said Mr Mathibela. 
Presentations can be viewed or downloaded from here:

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