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The Indigenous Knowledge Based Economic Opportunities: Exploring the Triple Heritage in eThekwini
The eThekwini Municipality’s Municipal Institute of Learning (MILE), in partnership with the Moses Kotane Institute (MKI), University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN), Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs (EDTEA) as well as the Department of Science and Technology (DST) hosted a knowledge exchange seminar on “Indigenous Knowledge Systems Based Economic Activities" for eThekwini Councillors and officials.
Delegates were officially welcomed by eThekwini Municipality Speaker, Cllr. Logie Naidoo who highlighted the importance of having seminars of this calibre.
“The Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) Seminar was made possible by MILE in partnership with other institutions. This unit has attracted many visitors through its work. MILE was formed to strengthen the existing learning techniques to improve service delivery, knowledge and partnerships to share experiences on how to explore economic activities to ensure sustainability. MILE is one of the key networks to share knowledge to ensure improved service delivery,” emphasised Cllr. Naidoo.
The keynote speakers were UKZN Professor Muxe Nkondo and Prof Yonah Seleti from the Department of Science and Technology.
In his presentation Prof Nkondo mentioned the need to develop transparency within the eThekwini Knowledge Management and Public Resources Systems.
“We need to look at the differences in a more creative way to see the extent in which these systems can assist each other in ensuring development looking at cost effect models and rational platforms. The rational that will reduce inequality in eThekwini is the one that will help improve service delivery, where information technology will be used as a cooperative instrument to address these issues,” said Nkondo.
Prof Yonah Seleti spoke about the launch of the IKS Bill which seeks to promote the sharing of knowledge and knowledge holders.
“In the knowledge economy, it is important to secure knowledge leadership. Today the country has to be based on the development of knowledge, as a competitive advantage. The promotion of IKS is an advancement of the cognitive democracy of knowledge around the world. The knowledge holders are being mobilised, there are massive achievements between the government departments in working together. MOUs are being developed, monitoring and evaluation shows that these items are winning,” said Prof Seleti.
The seminar provided the ideal platform for presenters and officials to engage around a thought provoking discussion session from the informative presentations and plenary.

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