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City hosts fifth Master Class on Urban Strategic Planning
​eThekwini Municipality ‘s Municipal Institute of Learning (MILE)  hosted an intensive three-day learning session on Urban Strategic Planning . The course covered all aspects of strategic planning, highlighting the importance of long term planning, visioning and community participation. It also explored how plans inform the budgeting process, performance management, monitoring and evaluation that organizations need to adhere to in order to produce an effective strategy that will work well for them.
Municipal officials from across KwaZulu-Natal attended the course. A delegation from Blantyre City Council in Malawi was also present. The workshop allowed for officials to actively participate and share their experiences and good practices at their various municipalities.    
Participants left the Master Class inspired to make a positive difference within their respective municipalities.

Download presentations from the Master Class below:


 Urban Strategic Planning Master Class 2015

Day 1.1 Puven.pdf
24/03/2015 10:30
Day 1.2 Gen.pdf
24/03/2015 10:33
Day 1.3 Bongumuso.pdf
24/03/2015 10:45
Day 1.4 Peter.pdf
24/03/2015 10:46
Day 2.1 Ms Nhlanhla Mncwango.pdf
24/03/2015 10:46
Day 2.2 Glen.pdf
24/03/2015 10:47
Day 2.2.1 Mguni.pdf
24/03/2015 10:47
Day 2.2.2 Mguni.pdf
24/03/2015 10:47
Day 3.1 Nirmala.pdf
24/03/2015 10:52
Day 3.2 Gen-MTS.pdf
24/03/2015 10:54
Final Programme.pdf
24/03/2015 10:54
Making City Strategy Come Alive.pdf
26/03/2015 14:27
The Power of Imagination.pdf
26/03/2015 14:31


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