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BESS 11: Putting Land Use Planning and Transport Integration under the Spotlight
MILE, in its recent Built Environment Seminar secured Prof. Romano Del Mistro, to provide a lead presentation and share his thoughts on how eThekwini Municipality which has been grappling with an apartheid model could respond to the challenge of Land Use Planning for Transport Integration.
Prof del Mistro , an emeritus Professor from the Departments of Civil Engineering of the Universities of Pretoria and Cape Town and now Technical Advisor to the CEO of PRASA  emphasised the better integration of land-use planning and transport integration would likely result in an improved and efficient public transport.  He however, cautioned the captive audience made up of more than 80 academics, post graduate students, city officials, planning consultants, developers and sector professionals that integration comes with a cost. He cited exemplary models and international cases studies which suggested that appropriate density can improve public transport effectiveness and efficiency – as can city structure.  A panel of sector specialists from the city’s Transport Planning Unit, Land Use Planning, urban developers and planning consultants provided a good mix and added to the lively and robust discussions.  Given the complexity of the issues under discussion, there was a suggestion to intensify the discussions in a follow up learning exchange with all relevant role players. 
View or Download Prof. del Mistro's presentation below:

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