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MILE Partnership with Namibian Municipalities evolves...
In 2009 MILE developed a partnership with two local authority associations within Namibia, the Association of Local Authorities Namibia (ALAN) and the Namibian Association of Local Authorities (NALAO). 

The purpose of this partnership was to capacitate the municipal officials from the smaller municipalities, Otjiwarongo, Usakos, Karibib and Maltahohe to be able to develop their own Town Development Strategies (TDS) without having to rely on consultants.  

The partnership between MILE, ALAN and NALAO was made possible through the support of the UCLG (United Cities and Local Governments)​.  The Cities Alliance ​City Future Project provided the funding for this partnership which has evolved over the past six years with MILE facilitating strategic planning capacity enhancement workshops and peer review workshops with the four municipalities, together with their stakeholders, to allow them to have an input on the TDS process.

The final output in the form of the TDS plan was proudly launched at a two day workshop that was held from 18 to 19 May 2015 in Walvis Bay.  This workshop was attended by the President of ALAN & NALAO, the Mayor of Otjiwarongo, senior politicians, CEO’s, senior officials, board members from ALAN and NALAO and officials from MILE.  Members from all the major media houses and the national television broadcasting authority were also present.

Another success of this partnership has been the development of the Swakopmund Municipal Institute of Learning (SMILE) with the support of MILE.  SMILE was launched in February of 2014. Since its launch, SMILE has played an imperative role, supporting the Namibian national government and other municipalities.  They have assisted the Namibian National Government with the recruitment process to obtain the correct expertise for the Erongo Region.  In addition, they are providing municipal technical support in administration and labour relations to the smaller municipalities across the country. 

During the discussions relating to the way forward regarding the partnership between MILE, the local authority associations and the municipalities, it was echoed by all present that this was an invaluable partnership that needs to continue.  MILE will continue to support SMILE (Swakopmund Municipal Institute of Learning) in areas of Knowledge Management, communication and marketing.  NALAO and MILE would explore ways of how to develop a Knowledge Management system in Namibia.  NALAO and ALAN will also look at developing a monitoring and evaluation system for all local authorities in Namibia using the eThekwini Municipality’s performance monitoring model as a guide.  MILE will also explore ways of how eThekwini Municipality can assist the Swakopmund municipality on public private partnerships.  MILE will continue to support all four of the municipalities on their TDS journey as part of the MILE Municipal Technical Support Programme. 

The success of the partnership can be summed up in the words of Henry Ford, “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success.”  


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