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Africa Day celebrates the day when the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), the predecessor to the African Union (AU), was formed in 1963. It acknowledges the progress that we, as Africans, have made, while reflecting upon the common challenges we face in a global environment. On this special day, MILE is honoured to reflect on its own journey and contribution towards positioning Africa as a Centre of Learning.

Given our Municipality’s vision of being Africa’s most caring and liveable city, eThekwini has fully committed itself towards enhancing the capacity of local government practitioners within the Africa region. Through various initiatives (such as the NEPAD cities programme) co-ordinated by the Africa Desk within the city’s Inter-Governmental Relations Office and through the UNITAR ‘s  CIFAL Durban programme, eThekwini has been demonstrating what a caring city is all about. Over the past five years, through MILE, a structured programme of capacity enhancement of local government practitioners within the African continent has been initiated. A number of Learning Exchanges, Master Classes and Municipal Technical support has been undertaken by municipal officials and Councillors on the continent in an attempt to lay a foundation of a more sustainable future. Some of the focus areas have included water management, climate change, solid waste management and sustainable revenue management.

To date, technical support on Strategic Planning has been provided to municipalities such as Dar es Salaam, Dakar, Mozambique, Lagos, Mzuzu Town Council in Malawi, Harare and Bulawayo City Councils in Zimbabwe and the Association of Local Authorities of Namibia (ALAN).  In addition during the various Learning Exchanges and Master Classes hosted in Durban, municipal officials from Kenya, Zambia, Senegal , Nigeria, Egypt and Madagascar have actively participated in the learning events and have found these experiences useful in helping them deal with similar challenges that they face.

The eThekwini Municipality will continue to partner with relevant development agencies in order to assist municipalities throughout the African continent to enhance their technical capacities. 
Happy Africa Day!


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