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City hosts Sixth Master Class on Solid Waste Management
About 70 local government waste management practitioners from municipalities across South Africa, including a delegation from the City of Monrovia in Liberia attended this year’s Solid Waste Management Master Class hosted by MILE in partnership with Durban Cleansing and Solid Waste (DSW) Unit.
Also present at the Master Class were representatives from the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) and the Municipal Infrastructure Support Agency (MISA).
The purpose of the three-day Master Class was to share eThekwini Municipality’s innovative approach to solid waste management, showcasing best practices within the DSW Unit. As with all MILE Master Classes that utilises a blended learning methodology, the session was crammed with informative presentations, expert facilitation and exciting site visits, all of which were led by DSW and MILE.
Day one of the Master Class focused on waste minimisation, education and recycling. The Head of the DSW Unit, Mr. Raymond Rampersad inspired officials with first-hand experience, depicting commitment and leadership as key elements of success for solid waste management. Presentations were followed by a site visit to Birches Pre-Primary School, which prides itself on teaching young scholars about the importance of sustainability and the fun that goes into recycling. Participants found the experience at the Birches Pre-Primary School added great value to the session.

The highlights from the next day included a site visit to the Springfield Transfer station which provided a range of learning opportunities to the participants. The station is advanced and the first of its kind in South Africa, similar models could however, be designed for smaller municipalities. 

Participants spent the final day of the Master Class at the Mariannhill Landfill for a presentation and tour on the Landfill operations. Logan Moodley (DSW Project Executive) shared that the bulk of the Unit’s spending on waste management is on transportation. If that can be minimised, it would be a huge saving. It was suggested that smaller municipalities look at managing waste on a regional scale. DSW is available to assist in tailoring the eThekwini model to suit other smaller municipalities. For more information, contact Logan Moodley at​​​

Officials were offered Municipal Technical Support to further enhance their knowledge in Solid Waste Management. 

Click here​ to view pictures from the event.

Click here to view the alternative waste treatment website​. 

View or download presentations and learning material from the Master Class below.

 Solid Waste Management Master Class 2015

Day 1.1 Robert Abbu - Strategic and New Development.pdf
4195 KB
Day 1.2 Simon Nyawo - Operations.pdf
761 KB
Day 1.3 Nana Ndlovu - Education and Waste Minimization.pdf
7171 KB
Day 2.1 Robert Abbu - Challenges in Waste Management.pdf
482 KB
Day 2.2 Thandeka Mandigora - DEA - Reporting on Waste Collection Services.pdf
993 KB
Day 2.2 Thandeka Mandigora - DEA - Thinana recycling and waste management cooperative.pdf
1713 KB
Day 2.3 Fiona Singh - Understanding the Waste Act.pdf
2136 KB
Day 2.4 John Parkin - The Correct Tool for the Job Experiences in Vehicle Selection.pdf
8259 KB
Day 3. Logan Moodley - Landfill Management Overview.pdf
22965 KB
Final Programme Solid Waste Master Class 2015.pdf
400 KB
Guideline on waste collection in high density and unserviced areas.pdf
4789 KB
Model by-law.pdf
120 KB
SALGA Solid Waste Presentation.pdf
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Solid Waste Management Master Class Participant Database.pdf
416 KB
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