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Msunduzi Building Inspectorate Officials Enjoy Learning about Energy Efficiency in Development Management
On Tuesday 21 July 2015 a team consisting of officials from the eThekwini Municipality’s Development Management Department and MILE left Durban in the early hours of the morning to drive through to Pietermaritzburg to provide municipal technical support to the Building Inspectorate team of Msunduzi Municipality.  

The Msunduzi team had forwarded a request to MILE requesting that the following areas be covered in the workshop: energy efficiency in buildings/plan approval, application of the legislation, law enforcements, and decay buildings in the city.  

The MILE team arrived to a very cold Pietermaritzburg but were soon warmed up by the warm welcome they received by the Building Inspectorate Officials.  The workshop was officially opened by Msunduzi Municipality’s Mr Siyabonga Mkhize, Manager Building Control & Signage.  He thanked the MILE team for coming through to their municipality to help them grow, learn and improve their service delivery.

The Building Inspectorate team from Msunduzi expressed their expectations of what they were hoping would be covered by the one day workshop.  Their expectations included the following areas - understanding the practical implementation of energy efficiency, compliance, monitoring and legislation, by-laws & regulations, enforcement and prosecutions, understanding the roles and responsibilities of departments, dealing with urban decay, learn something new.  At the end of the workshop all agreed that their expectations were met.

Topics that were covered during the one day workshop included Legislative Requirements – Energy Efficiency (Building Regulations Part XA, SANS 10 400 – XA, Responsibility for Compliance), Monitoring and Compliance of Legislation (Section 4 of the NBRs and Associated Responsibilities, Application of Legislation, Dilapidated Buildings, Non Compliance Business Processes:- Unauthorised Building Works & Dangerous Situations), Enforcement and Prosecution (Peace Officer’s Responsibilities and Accreditation/ Renewals, Issuing of Section 56 (Admission of Guilt) and Section 54 (No Admission of Guilt), Magistrate and High Court Matters, Joint Operations (Multi- Disciplinary Task Team with various Enforcement Agencies), Schedule of Fines from Magistrate, SLA with the Judiciary).

The MILE team together with the Msunduzi Building Inspectorate team will continue to walk the journey of ensuring the practical implementation of energy efficiency in development management thereby improving the quality of life for all their citizens.


 Presentations and Useful Documents

EE NBR Requirements MILE Technical Support Msunduzi.pdf
23/07/2015 16:01Janice Moodley Ethekwini
Enforcement and Prosecution Presentation .pdf
23/07/2015 16:01Janice Moodley Ethekwini
Technical Support with Msunduzi Mun - 21 July 2015.pdf
23/07/2015 16:00Janice Moodley Ethekwini
Updated checklists  22-12-11.DOCX
23/07/2015 16:06Janice Moodley Ethekwini

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