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Energy Efficiency in Development Management
Due to the increasing demand for support on Energy Efficiency in Development Management from municipalities across the Province the MILE Municipal Technical Support team recently facilitated a two-day workshop for Matatiele Local Municipality from 19 to 20 August 2015 at the Matatiele Local Municipality Council Chambers.

Officials from Ntabankulu Local Municipality, Umzimvubu Local Municipality and Mbizana Local Municipality were also invited to also participate in the workshop. A total of 14 officials from the various municipalities benefited from this initiative. 

The workshop was officially opened by Matatiele Local Municipality’s General Manager: Infrastructure Services, Mr Somi Momwabisi.  He expressed his appreciation to MILE for agreeing to conduct this workshop for the municipality.

The following areas were covered during the two day workshop:- 
  • Legislative requirements in Energy Efficiency and Building Regulations Part XA, SANS 10 400 XA, SANS 204, Responsibility for Compliance
  • Monitoring and Compliance of Legislation and Understanding               legislation,Energy efficiency in buildings onsite monitoring, Unauthorised building works & other contraventions, Certificate of occupation procedure, Business processes & documentation
  • Enforcement and Prosecution and Non-compliance business processes    – unauthorised building works, dangerous situations, heritage               buildings, Peace officers’ training and accreditation – issuing of section 56 and section 54, the cost of non-compliance, Magistrate and high       court matters, Joint operations, Schedule of fines from magistrate,       Interface with judiciary
They agreed on the following way forward:-
  • Matatiele LM & Umzimvubu LM would seek to develop a service level     agreement to work together to move the partnership forward
  • Matatiele LM & Umzimvubu LM would seek to have a meeting with         Ntabankulu LM and Mbizana LM to encourage them to be part of this       partnership 
  • Matatiele LM & Umzimvubu LM with the assistance of the MILE team       will begin the process of having their Building Inspectors accredited as   Peace Officers
  • Matatiele LM & Umzimvubu LM  will send their Building Inspectors to     eThekwini Municipality for a few days to receive hands on practical       experience
  • In February 2016 the MILE team will facilitate a workshop on               fenestration calculations for  Matatiele LM & Umzimvubu LM 
At the end of the workshop participants felt energised to make a difference in their workplace. They summarised their satisfaction in the following words – “enlightened and hungry for more, can’t wait to go back to share and implement, optimistic, excited, empowered, overwhelmed”.   

The team will continue to provide support to Matatiele Local Municipality during their implementation phase. 

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