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Bridging Divides in Land Use Planning Knowledge and Practice in South African Cities - Post 1994: The Context of eThekwini Municipality
The latest MILE Brown Bag session featured a presentation by Soobs Moonsammy who shared her research study which explores the traditionally defined knowledge approaches to land use planning and its role in practice. The research focuses on the philosophical, ideological, interests, agendas, relationships, power, conflicts and compromises embedded in the development and redevelopment of land use planning and knowledge. Land use planning and knowledge as defined in the research study includes legislation, spatial planning and town planning schemes as well as the unwritten and the culture of planning institutions and the ideological systems that impact on the (re)development of such knowledge.

The objective of the research study is to understand what land use planning knowledge is in operation and how important it is in practice and the inherent problems of applying such knowledge. The research confirms land use planning knowledge as important for municipalities because of its legal status, even though it remains narrowly conceived. The research also delves into the perceptions from the general public of what land use planning knowledge and practice should be. The final contribution of the research is to establish an emerging epistemological framework for land use planning knowledge for action.

Over 30 planning practitioners attended the session which was held at the KwaMuhle Museum to discuss some of the findings of the research study. This interactive session gave practitioners a chance to engage with and articulate what this means for land use knowledge for the future, as one of many alternatives that may shift planning practice to respond to the realities of the city.


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