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MILE Champions the Newly Formed Indigenous Knowledge Systems Forum
MILE has championed the establishment of a multi-stakeholder eThekwini IKS Forum. In partnership with the Department of Science and Technology - National Research Foundation Centre in Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) ​with its hub at the University of KwaZulu-Natal have established an initiative that aims to integrate Indigenous Knowledge Systems in the promotion of its knowledge economy and enrich its developmental initiatives and programmes. This noble initiative aims to promote sustainable livelihood, development and social cohesion. 

It takes into account the community- and- cultural based nature of IKS which is in line with the National IKS Policy (2004) whose aspiration is to ensure that IKS is social capital for the poor for them to contribute to the sustainable improvement of their livelihood. The IKS Forum will promote the Triple Heritage initiative for the Municipality is the recognition that, like the rest of South Africa, the eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality inherited a colonial and apartheid legacy of racial and ethnic segregation. 

The IKS Forum is based on the notion that it has been more than 20 years of democracy and contrary to the aspirations of South Africa’s constitution (1996), the Policy of Reconciliation and building a rainbow nation, the country and the Municipality is still caught up in the vulgarities of racial and ethnic differences including xenophobic practices. The municipality has a Triple Heritage, composed of descendants from the three global regions (Africa, Asia and Europe). 

The IKS Forum is a concerted effort to promote knowledge and awareness including sharing the unique cultural histories and diversity of this Triple Heritage of the Municipality for human understanding and social cohesion. Moreover, it is a vehicle that will be used as part of the initiative to build a cadre of leadership from the diverse racial and ethnic communities committed to the promotion of the virtues of the Triple Heritage in the context of sharing their diverse Indigenous Knowledge Systems for social cohesion. Members have been allocated to participate in the following categories: a) Awareness Campaigns; b) Research c) Education d) Language e) International Awareness. The seating of the IKS Forum will be hosted jointly with UKZN.


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