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7th Africities Summit

The 7th Africities Summit of cities and local governments of africa is underway in Johannesburg.

The four day summit brings together leaders of local/city governments, representatives from the private sector and trade unions, together with researchers and academics to share ideas and experiences pertaining to local development issues.

Above all, the summit seeks to develop a consolidated African position on urbanisation, climate change as well as human habitat in Africa. The theme of the summit is “Shaping the Future of Africa with the People: Africa’s Local Government Contribution to the Africa 2063 Vision.”

In the opening address, Minister in the Presidency, Jeff Hadebe, said policy changes will be required to guide Africa’s rising urbanisation levels and the desirable dispersion of population.


“One of the trends is that our continent is urbanising quickly. High levels of urbanisation and concentration can lead to exponential increases in economic growth and development if positive energies of our people are harnessed and channelled in the right direction.


High levels of urbanisation that are not managed well can however lead to multiple negative consequences, such as congestion, over-utilisation of infrastructure, social unrest and more. In Africa, we are currently seeing a mixture of positive and negative consequences of urbanisation.”

Projections indicate that by 2030 Africa’s population will exceed that of Europe, South and North America combined. To sustain the positive growth trajectory in Africa we must pay attention to our vulnerability to climate change, citizens’ expectations of more inclusive growth, a rise in social demands, demographic growth that will create both opportunities and
challenges, rising levels of corruption and more.
“The role of local government is critical in enabling cities and towns to be the engines of growth, contributing substantially to national growth. It is important that we identify practical ways of harnessing this urbanisation for sustainable and inclusive growth. We need to invest in proper urban planning and management systems in our urban spaces, Minister Radebe added.
The Municipality has sent a delegation to the summit who will contribute to the sessions as speakers in the various themes. The city will also showcase eThekwini’s economic and infrastructure development initiates and successes.
The summit, ending on Thursday is expected to help all of us to find ways to build stronger and lasting partnerships for growth and development​.


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