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Moving from Strategy to Execution
Top Management of the eThekwini Municipality attended MILE’s 27th Management Seminar: Moving from Strategy to Action, at the Moses Mabhida Stadium on 10 February 2016.
The highlight of the seminar was a facilitated session with nationally renowned strategy guru, Thabo Mosala.
Mosala energised and challenged officials to rethink how strategy can be executed within the City with his influential insights into strategic development​​. 
 Using China as a case study, he highlighted the reason for their success in rising to be one of the world’s super powers. As an emerging economy what China has is a strong work ethic encompassing diligence, dedication, determination and discipline as a huge contributing factor to their success, he explained.  “China saw opportunity and grabbed it with both hands, fixing and perfecting products as they went along,” he commented.  “In South Africa we plan to plan and that creates delays and lost opportunities.”
Mosala also said that higher education, a skilled workforce and the correct attitude to work are critical factors to ensure that our strategies are put into action. He said youth need proper qualifications and skills, to develop discipline and strong characters to ensure that when they enter the workplace, they are competent and highly skilled.
Mosala urged the City to do things differently by cultivating and grooming strong leadership who are accountable, innovative and are able to trigger the power of their teams effectively. He also stressed the point of increasing productivity within the workplace and that employees must have the right attitude towards their work in order to optimize service delivery.
He advised that strategies are executed by people, not by technology, therefore showing appreciation to staff for a job well done is critical to ensuring that staff stay motivated. He highlighted Mackenzie’s seven ‘S’ namely, strategy, structure, systems, shared values, leadership styles, staff, and skills – all of which need to be aligned to have successful implementation of the strategy.
City Manager, Sibusiso Sithole said, the seminar provided the ideal platform for senior officials to reflect on the execution the City’s strategy.
“EThekwini Municipality is at a cross roads. In order to position ourselves better, we need to be innovative in our implementation to make our city great. The Chinese are the perfect example of how we are competing globally. There are lots of lessons we can take from them.”

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