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The UCLG Retreat and Campus kicks off with a view to the Congress in Bogota
The second edition of the Annual UCLG Retreat is currently underway in Barcelona, the home of the organization’s World Secretariat. 

The retreat is seen as a chance to harness the power of the UCLG network and increase its visibility and impact at all levels. 

The programme includes discussions around the planning for the UCLG World Congress on the 16 and 17 Feb, a presentation of priorities and key issues from 2015 & 2016 on 17 and 18 Feb, a session to analyze the synergies and programming for 2016 on the 18 Feb afternoon, and a strategic and visioning exercise about the evolution of the World Organization on the last day, Friday 19 Feb.

It includes political leadership in closed door sessions of strategizing for Habitat 3 and their 5th World Congress later in the year. This session is a high level strategic session that will emerge with a new vision for the UCLG and a clear position statement.

This year will see Latin america hosting two key dates for the global agenda, the UCLG Congress and Habitat III, with the Congress bringing together the constituency and playing host to a defining moment for the urban community as the Global Agenda of Local and Regional Governments for 2030 is presented.

Day 1 of the retreat was off to a flying start with some of the key topics, aspirations and challenges for the coming year and for the Congress in Bogota brought to the table by UCLG and the City of Bogota.  A dynamic session was then facilitated by the Municipal Institute of Learning (MILE) of the eThekwini Municipality and Co-Presidency of the Urban Strategic Planning Committee leading to some productive discussions in which the opportunities for local governments at the UCLG World Congress and specific actions to implement them were debated.  
A productive day closed with focus on the key messages, among them, the importance of participation by civil society, maximizing financing opportunities for local governments, the promotion of action learning and strengthening the family, identity and representation of UCLG, to create a united and strong voice within the global local government community.
During Day 2, participants will focus on shaping the programme for the congress, stay tunned with #UCLGMeets

Source: UCLG

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