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Blantyre City Council taking the City back to its people
Blantyre City Council’s politicians together with their senior management embarked on a three day urban strategic planning workshop hosted from 31 May to 2 June at the Protea Ryalls hotel in Malawi.  
Facilitated by the City’s Municipal Institute of Learning (MILE) Municipal Technical Support Programme in partnership with UCLG and SALGA,​ the purpose of the workshop was to develop a clear understanding as to why a longer term strategic vision is required for city development.
It also provided detailed insights into how a city’s long term vision has been actually implemented – using  the case of eThekwini Municipality, to allow the elected political leadership of Blantyre City Council the opportunity to provide direction to their urban strategic planning process.
The workshop empowered participants on the understanding of what makes a good City Development Strategy (CDS).
A revised draft vision was developed by all present – “By 2040 Blantyre City will be a prosperous and safe city of choice."  All stakeholders will be given the opportunity to be able to contribute towards the revised vision through the extensive stakeholder consultation workshops that will be held.
All participants who were present at the workshop pledged to honour and uphold the revised draft vision for the City of Blantyre and to make concerted efforts to implement the four point ACTION PLAN, within the agreed upon timeframes, by the agreed upon persons, as contained within the draft strategic action plan. 
Blantyre City Council, Deputy Mayor, Cllr. Wild Ndipo commended the partnership saying it will improve infrastructure construction in Blantyre city.

“This workshop has empowered and inspired us.  We hope that MILE will return to Blantyre in the    near future to continue this partnership with us.” 
 Download presentations below:

 Blantyre City Council CDS Workshop

Article in The Nation Newspaper.pdf
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Blantyre CDS Strategic Framework Workshop 2016 Draft Programme.pdf
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Blantyre CDS Workshop, Session 0.pdf
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Blantyre Visioning Session Five.pdf
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Components of a good CDS .pdf
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eThekwini's Story Genevieve.pdf
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